Bleu Royale Rattery

Where rats are royalty


My name is Leslie and I've had Bleu Royale Rattery since 30 May 2003- We are located in Sacramento, California

I concentrate on breeding healthy, socialized and beautiful rats. All my rats are pedigreed and have a lineage dating back to my first breeder rats, born in 2003.

None of my rats have tumors, and at the time of this update (6 November 2022) there are no reports of genetic mammary tumors or other genetic conditions.
I stay in contact with my adopters throughout the life of their rats, and if there is a report of any health condition, I will email the adopted families of the siblings and check on them. If two rats from the same litter develop any health conditions that are genetic (and not from poor care) I will cancel that line.

My rats are my pets before they are breeders. I will only breed rats that have perfect health and temperment. Mother rats are only bred twice and not before 4 months of age (though 6 months is the age we try to stick to). Our rats are handled daily, raised on safe litter and fed Mazuri Rodent Blocks. Handouts include organic fruits and vegetables and tofu though the blocks is their main food.

Mother rats give birth in the nursery, which is a quiet room with a huge window for natural sunlight from morning until night. There is plenty of air circulation and the room has vents for the air conditioning/heat.

Mother rats give birth in their own private aquariums .All babies are handled from the day of birth and will be used to dogs, cats, toddlers and children by the time they go home - though the first day at new homes they may be anxious.  

New Baby Information

We don't have a set age the babies go home, they go home anytime after 5 weeks. Our Mother's wean on their own schedule, not ours.

By the time your babies go home by approx 6 weeks of age they will be able to eat blocks, drink from a water bottle, be socialized and okay with children, dogs and cats (please don't leave animals or children alone with rats!!!). They won't be 'bomb proof'. They will be babies, and will need you to hold them constantly from the day you bring them home. Please do not leave them sitting in a cage for 24 hours like some silly book says to do. Our babies are handled every day and will not know how to handle you leaving them alone in a brand new cage in a brand new house. Remember, rats have feelings too! They get scared just like a human child would.

All babies will be free of myco, mites and parasites when they go home.



Now since you read all about how we care for our rats here, please know this before deciding to adopt from us:

1.) Our rats are not to be bred by anybody other then an approved breeder, without permission- an adoption contract will be signed by you stating you will not breed or stud out rats- if you want to breed, just ask and we will talk about it, don't hide it

2.) There is a health guarantee for up to one week after adoption, but no guarantee is given if improper housing, care or nutrition is given, or if other rats are at home or adopted from another source at the same time without quarantine. Always quarantine before introducing rats that are not adopted together!!

3.) All rats will be socialized before adoption, it's up to you to keep it up!!

4.) All rats that need to be returned can and must be returned to me

5.) Marble lines are not guaranteed free of malocclusion- which is teeth that are not aligned properly. We are trying to breed this out of the line but it will take a few generations. Rats with malocclusion need their teeth trimmed by you or a vet every once in a while, it's super easy. Misaligned teeth are not a threat to the health if they are trimmed before they grow into the gums. No rat that I own that develops malocclusion will ever be bred. Malocclusion count is at 2 (two affected rats) as of August 16, 2018- We brought the marble line into our breeding program in August of 2016. You will be notified ahead of time if your rat is part of the marble line so you can make an informed choice if you want to adopt a rat from the line or not.  

6.) ONLY IF THE FORM BELOW DOESN'T WORK - Email me to be added to the list- Please include the following information, name, age, address and phone number, if you have rats or not, have you had rats or not, who the rats are for and anything you feel is important for me to know. 

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