Bleu Royale Rattery

Where rats are royalty

Our rattery has recently started taking in rescue animals (small animals) without question - we always take in our own rats when owners can no longer keep them, now no rat, rodent or small animal will be turned away. If I can't house them I will contact those that can. 

Rescue animals will be kept away from our rats - in another location, quarantined. Like our rats, all (rodents/small animals) will be vet checked and handled before going home - the only difference being I can't guarantee the health or life span of these pets. It doesn't mean they're not worth it though. 

If you want a rescue pet, go to my litters/adoption pages and fill out the same application you would for adopting from the rattery. State in the comments you want a rescue animal. 

Adoption fee for rescue rats, mice, hamsters are $40. Adoption fee is more for other animals.  If you would like us to take in a small animal please click the following link: 

If you would like to donate to the rescue you are more then welcome to. 

Donations: Please note donations are not yet tax deductible (they will be shortly!) but you will receive a thank you card if you include your address.

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