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"Positive in every respect. Both sisters are doing well, healthy, and friendly. Now 26 months old. Couldn't be happier." - Mark P

"I had never gone through a breeder before to get a rat and I'm very happy that I did and that I got my rat from Bleu Royale Rattery. The owner of Blue Royale Rattery is amazing, she's beyond helpful and gives wonderful advice, super responsive and quick to answer my emails, and a really nice person!
My first baby I got from her is the sweetest thing ever. From the day I brought her home she's been nothing but a sweet bundle of joy and is just a burst of energy which is why she got the name Nova (like a super nova!) She was a super popcorning little baby bouncing around the cage and just being overal adorable. She has never had any healthy issues, never bitten me, got along very well with my other rat. she is a perfect rat.
I look forward to getting more babies from here in the next couple of weeks and more than likely more in the future months to come. Thank you for being awesome and having amazing rats!" -Madison R

"Bleu Royale Rattery will always hold a special place in my heart. Their breeding principals and loving care for their rats is unparalleled and I can't see myself adopting from anywhere else. Their rats have extraordinary intelligence, sweet temperament, and are unbelievably affectionate. I recommend this rattery to anyone who wants to adopt rats into their family! <3"- Sienna M

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Ratties Adopted into Happy Families- Pictures belong to the owners of the rats