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About us

My name is Leslie and I have owned Bleu Royale Rattery in Sacramento, California since the summer of 2003. 

I breed rats for health, temperament and type. All my rats have pedigrees going back to at least 2003. When adopting rats from other breeders I try to pick breeders who align with my beliefs and ethics with breeding. 

I breed rats who come from healthy lines - none of my rats have a history of cancer or genetic illnesses. 

My rats are handled daily, from birth! They live in critter nations, double critter nations and rat manors. They are fed high quality rat food (Mazuri Rodent Blocks) and have toys, tubes and tunnels for stimulation. 

I limit the amount of times my females are bred, it is hard on their bodies! They give birth in clean, private cages. Babies are handled daily and by the time they go home they are used to people, even children, dogs and cats.

About adoption!

I do sometimes have a wait-list for my rats - when on the waitlist you will be updated with pictures and information about the mothers and the litters once they are born. When they are old enough I will take individual pictures of the babies for you, the adopter, to pick from. For the health of my rattery I do not allow people into the rattery to pick their rats.

Baby rats go home at 6 weeks old and they go home with a clean bill of health, treated with parasite prevention and extremely well socialized. Please bring a carry case of box to pick them up in! Your new family member will be excited to go home with you!

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