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Updated 17 May 2024


Litters born!!


5/23/24 - BLR Kateri and BLR Ephraim - Blue Hooded dumbos! 

5/4/24 - BLR Sarah and BLR Leo - Black, Russian Blue,

Cinnamon and agouti - all dumbo

5/5/24 - BLR Augustine and BLR Apollo - Russian blue and black Eyed white, dumbo and standard ears

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2/25 - BLR Theresa and BLR Basil - agouti, russian blue and fawn, some dumbo, some rex

2/26 - BLR Mary and BLR Oscar - black selfs

2/26 - BLR Imelda and BLR Antoine- Fawn, black, agouti, some dumbo - a lot of different markings

3/15 - BLR Kateri and BLR Apollo- should be all russian blue, various markings

3/19 - BLR Genesius and BLR Apollo - should be all russian

blue, various markings

3/21 - BLR Pearl and BLR Basil- agouti dumbos, different


3/28 - BLR Alphonsa and BLR Apollo - black and blue, various markings!  A lot of blazes - dumbos and rexes

13 April 2024 - BLR Leah and BLR Leo - should be martens, all dumbo

21 April 2024 - BLR Mary and BLR Ephram - various markings, various colors, some dumbo!

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